Events Programme


1st International Peach Conference

Veria, 27-28 May 2016, “Aiges Melathron” Hotel

Day 1 – Friday, May 27th 2016

17:30 Participants Reception – Registration

18:00 Speech of the Organizing Committee Chairman

18:10 Greetings on behalf of political and productive institutions

18:30 Awarding of honorary awards

18:45 Greeting of the Minister of Rural Development Mr Markos Bolaris

Beginning of the conference


1st SESSION Plant Protection: Enemies of peach tree and their treatment

Coordinator: Evagelopoulos Yiannis

19:00 «Monilinia laxa in peach tree: Pathogenic causes, epidemiology and treatment,» George Karaoglanidis – Assistant Professor AUTH

19:20 «Insects attacking the peach tree and how to handle them», Dimitris Koveos – AUTH Professor

19:40  «Peach tree Integrated Plant Protection Solutions, as suggested by Bayer», Manos Charkiolakis – Bayer Crop Science

20:00 Questions – Conclusions


Day 2- Saturday, May 28th 2016


Arboriculture: Recent developments in the cultivation of peach tree

Coordinator: Chalkidis Vasileios

9:00 Arrival of participants

9:20 «Thinning peach: Challenge for farming mechanization» Miltiades Vasilakakis – Emeritus Professor AUTH

9:40 «Innovations in the cultivation of fresh peaches/nectarines» George Nanos – Assistant Professor, University of Thessaly

10:00 «Acclimatization of peach varieties to Imathia soil and climate, with particular emphasis on fruit quality», Dr. Paulina Drogoudi – Associate Researcher – ELGO «DIMITRA»

10:20 «New planting systems and innovation in peach production», Davide Neri – Professor, Marche Polytechnic University Ancona, director of National Fruit Research Centre (CRA-FRU) Rome

11:00 «Peach Quality: Problems and Prospects Management» Molasiotis Athanasios – Assistant Professor AUTH

11:20 «Peach Nutrition: The role of key nutrients», Javier Jovellar – Javier Jovellar – Yara Crop Nutrition/ Yara Iberian Agronomist

11:40 Questions – Conclusions

Coffee break


3rd SESSION Market: Peach in the world markets

Coordinator: Christos Giannakakis

12:20 «Promotion of Agricultural Products: Empowering extroversion» Kourenta Evangelia, Head of the Direction for Rural Policy, international relations and products promotion, Ministry of Rural Development and Food

12:40 «The Middle East and Egyptian Markets for the Greek Peaches and Fruits «, Mohamed Rostom – CEO Marco Egypt, board member of the Chamber of Alexandria in Egypt, Secretary General of Importers Union of Chambers of Egypt, board member of the Regional Committee of Tourism of Alexandria, Egypt

13:00 «Producers groups & organizations», Anastasia Makri – member of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food

13:20 «Quality: The first step towards extroversion,» Yiannis Stergiou – NOVACERT Commercial Director

13:40 Questions – Conclusions

13:40 End of conference proceedings

Lunch buffet



Giannakakis Christos, Evagelopoulos Yiannis, Theocharopoulos Anthonis, Paparousopoulos Giorgos,  Ousoultzoglou Nikos, Zisis Patsikas, Pilitsidou Gianna.


Workshops for children in the Central Public Library of Veria

Saturday, May 28th, 10.00-11.30

  • The classic value of the peach in art, nutrition and in our lives

We learn the benefits of fruit, especially peach, for our health. Since classical times until today we have been inspired by timeless mastering artists and we make our own creations based on peach. We shall get our hands dirty, imagine and ultimately create our own unique project. With the painter-decorator Vasiliki Sidiropoulou-Karamitsou. For children 7-12 years old. Prior subscription required. At the Magical Boxes of the Library.


Saturday, May 28th, 11.30-12.30

  • Peach partyin the courtyard!!!

Come over to get to know us, smell and taste the fruit of summer and make wonderful fruit salads. For children 6-12 years old. Prior subscription required. In the garden of our Library.

The number of places for creative activities is limited. Entries shall be received stsrting from Monday, May 23rd at the Public Library of Veria, 8, Ellis Street or at 2331024494,

Tour of Veria

Saturday, May 28th  18:00

  • Know your city

Come to guided tour of Veria, along with Walking through time in one of the 10 most beautiful Greek cities (according to prestigious European CULTURETRIP website), awaiting you all year round with special touring around and relaxing ideas.

The number of places is limited. Please announce your participation to the Conference Secretariat or at .

Gastronomy Festival

Sunday, May 29th, 11.00-14.00

  • It’s Sunday, let us celebrate!

Elia Park turns into an open kitchen (pop-up-kitchen) where we cook gourmet recipes based on peach, together with renowned chef Aris Tsanaklidis, sharing his creative inspirations! The event involves participation of Nutritionist, while Public Vocational Training Institute of Veria will contribute with the dishes prepared by the students of the department of Cooking.  Frozen peach sorbet will be free for all, while in a specially designed area fresh peach and peach compote will be distributed.

Parallel Events

Photo Exhibition «Old Images of Veria» on TOB (Tourist Group of Veria) Festivals produced in the period 1958-1962, as well as with rich photo material of the city’s history.

Handmade creations by the “Initiative for Children” dedicated to the first Peach Festival of Veria.

Cocktail nights with cool peach based cocktails and dj parties in cafe – bars in town!

Tourist Group of Veria Annual Prom: On Sunday 29/5,  at Elia Park, as in the past, with full menu based on peach, under the sounds of live music, we revive the TOB dream.

* Possible changes in the program will be published at




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